Emma: November 2013

November was a blast at our house!  We celebrated Emma’s 5th Birthday, went to Homecoming at Georgia Tech, and celebrated Thanksgiving.  And do we have a lot to be Thankful for!

Our school does a really awesome Veteran’s Day service each year to honor the veterans in our community and to make sure our students are very keenly aware of the sacrifice made on their part.  We always intentionally connect this with the ultimate sacrifice when Jesus died on the cross on our behalf and rose from the dead to defeat hell, death, and the grave.  Emma’s K4 class had the awesome privilege of singing My Country Tis of Thee to help open our program.  They did a wonderful job and it was such a blessing to our veterans!

We were so blessed to have our families and so many sweet friends at Emma’s birthday party.  She had her party at SkyZone this year and it totally fit with her adventurer personality!  She was jumping, flipping, and cartwheeling the entire time!

Emma’s birthday is right before Thanksgiving and we were so glad to have the whole week off of school!  The Strange 3 headed out right after school let out on Friday afternoon and drove through rain, dark, and crazy traffic to arrive in Memphis somewhere around midnight.  My sweet sister and her husband waited up for us and helped us get unloaded really quickly.  We spent that Saturday morning as a family at the memorial service for my uncle that passed away.  He and I were very close…he was my 8th grade history teacher and just a blast to be around.  He was a very interesting man having served in Vietnam and he was a huge Cubs fan!  It was great to see our family and so many friends gather to celebrate Uncle John’s life.

We had a wonderful time visiting in Memphis for 5 days and then we came home and hosted Clint’s family and one of our best friends for Thanksgiving.  All in all, it was a very relaxing week…definitely a great opportunity to reflect on all we have to be thankful for!  This year Emma helped me a ton with preparing the Thanksgiving dinner.  I love how much she is growing up and how much she always wants to help. She is already telling me her ideas for Thanksgiving next year!

November was a really fun month as we saw our sweet girl turn 5.  In the blink of an eye, she has grown up a ton.  We treasure every moment with her!

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