Emma: February 2014


February was a great month in the Strange house. We were coming off of Snowjam 2014, which I blogged about here. The month started out with a lot of fun as the Super Bowl was on the first weekend of the month. The game itself ended up being really boring, we had fun looking forward to the Super Bowl. Emma and Clint really enjoyed shopping for TV’s…just shopping since we already have three…but they really had fun checking out a 3D TV at Best Buy.

The next weekend held two really special events at school. On Friday, February 7th we had senior night for winter sports and honored a lot of really awesome basketball players and one really awesome swimmer. I love watching how Emma watches our older students. Great reminder of what mentoring is all about. On Saturday, February 8th, Clint and Emma headed out for the 2nd annual Daddy/Daughter Date Night at NCCS and they had a blast dancing the night away with friends as they enjoyed music by our amazing Academy Singers.

We spend the rest of that weekend looking forward to the next snowstorm that was predicted. We went to school on Monday, February 12th and by the end of the day had already cancelled school for Tuesday and Wednesday based on the predicted snow and ice. The weather channel kept calling it a “catastrophic storm of epic proportions”. We were just glad to have our milk, cookies, and taco soup while we waited comfortably for the weather to settle in. Tuesday and Wednesday both held a good bit of sleet and snow flurries. The real fun came on Thursday morning when we woke up to a winter wonderland…3.5 inches of snow! We played in the snow all day and then it melted in time for us to return to school on Friday. The snow created a lot of family togetherness and we loved every minute of it!

The next week was our Winter Break, so the Stranges hit the road on Valentine’s afternoon to drive to Memphis to hang with Katie, JD, Nora, and my Mom for a few days. We had a wonderful time! The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed a lot of long walks, great food, and fun at the park. When we headed back late Tuesday night, we still had Wednesday off of school and were excited about having two days of school to finish out a great week. We spent the weekend at the first NCCS baseball game, shopping at the outlets, and enjoying a long leisurely dinner with good friends.

This past week, the last week of February turned out to be a 5 day week…no snow or ice..thankfully! We spent this week cheering on our Boy’s basketball team in the first two rounds of the state basketball tournament. Yesterday Emma joined me in drawing a red X on her hand to bring awareness to the 27 million people around the world that are living in slavery. Emma was joining us to say that she is in it to #EndIt. My prayer for our girl is that she is a world changer who is is committed to being a freedom fighter. It’s exciting to think what could happen with starting by drawing a red X on her hand.

February is the shortest month of the year, but we were intentional about packing a lot of “life” into it and we had a great February!

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