Emma: March 2014

March was full of a lot of fun as the weather started warming up and we had a great time hanging out with family and friends!  Emma and I spent the first Saturday of the month at a track meet cheering on our North Cobb Christian School athletes and having lunch with our good friend Harriette Corbett.  We also met Clint’s sweet cousin Paula and her family for dinner at Moe’s  Their little girl Sarah is so precious and Emma loves playing with her!

The second weekend brought Emma’s first ever soccer practice as a part of the NCCS Soaring Eagles Soccer program.  Her coaches are our varsity soccer players and Emma loved every second of it!  The weather was beautiful the second weekend in March and we made the most of it…riding bikes, playing outside, cooking out, and kicking and throwing a variety of balls in the yard.

The third weekend in March led us to Memphis to help celebrate Nora’s first birthday.  We took Friday off of school and headed out early enough to be in Memphis by lunch time on Friday.  It was a really fun weekend full of lots of laughs and tons of good food.  It has been so fun to see what a great mom and dad my sister and brother-in-law are to their sweet girl.  I hope that Emma and Nora continue to be very close as they grow up.

The last weekend in March I headed off to Haiti with a mission team from NCCS.  Clint’s mom came down to watch Emma’s soccer and they all had a great day together.  While I was out of town, Clint and Emma had a great time playing golf, eating out, and just doing fun daddy/daughter things.  I love how much they look forward to those special times.  Since Clint is teaching a class on Wednesday nights at church, Emma and I have girls night at least one night a week.  We both love having special time with Emma on our own making fun memories.

We closed out March spending a Saturday at the Acworth Art Station celebrating Ella’s 5th birthday.  Ella and her parents are great friends and we always have a lot of fun together.  Several of Emma’s other best buds were also at the party…Jack, Lauren, Anhalise, and others.  The kids learned how to make a painting of a panda and Emma’s turned out really cute!

We also had a fun surprise for Emma that day as Clint and I told her that we would be headed out early on March 30 to fly to Ethiopia to meet her brother.  We showed Emma a few pictures of Eli and a couple of videos.  Clint and I had an amazing trip to Ethiopia and we can’t wait to take Emma back with us in May to bring her little brother home!  There will be a lot of great pictures to go with that story!

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