Book Review: Unbroken


I’ve heard a lot about the book Unbroken lately…especially in light of the recent release of the film made to celebrate the life and story of Louis Zamperini well-known for many things…star Olympic runner, WWII soldier who was lost at sea and then captured by the enemy, and then late in life…Christ follower and minister of the gospel.  Some friends decided we would go and see the movie together, but one said she couldn’t go until she finished the book.  I agreed and picked up a copy of the book for myself.  I literally could barely put it down.  This book is slightly over 400 pages and I finished it in one day.  Unbroken reads like a story told by your grandfather sitting around the living room.  It is remarkable the great detail that Zamperini was able to remember everything that occurred in his childhood growing up and then during his time as a prisoner of war in Japan.

Unbroken is a story of hope in the midst of unthinkable adversity.  God had incredible plans for the life of Louis Zamperini and his legacy will far outlive him as he chose to use his later years for the glory of God and the good of others.  After I finished the book, I went to the movie with friends.  The movie was 2 1/2 hours long and it was good.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t include everything or the movie would have been several hours long.  The movie was definitely worth seeing, but I’d really encourage you to check out the link below from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to get the rest of the story…the part that really matters.
Louis Zamperini: Captured by Grace (Billy Graham Association)

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