Emma and Eli: August 2015

Sometimes I overthink this blog to the point where I am in danger of missing the joy that it brings me to reflect on what God has done and is doing in the midst of our family.  August was a blast!  It was fast and furious with the beginning of school and all that brings…but it was so good!
Emma started 1st grade at North Cobb Christian School.  Her teacher is the absolute sweetest…Mrs. Beverly.  I’m so grateful for the way the Lord has continued to bring Lynn Beverly’s path across mine in the last several years.  During the time I served as Middle School Principal at NCCS, Lynn was our middle school counselor.  She is one of the godliest ladies I know and I am so pumped about her investing in my girl all year!
Eli was pretty excited about the start of the school year also.  He knows that he only has one more year before he can come to NCCS with his big sister.  Look out K3…the countdown has begun for our big guy!
One of the funniest moments of August happened on the front porch one afternoon.  We had come in from swimming and Clint decided he should cut Eli’s hair.  We’ve been doing it all summer and it has worked out great..and much cheaper!  Emma came racing in to the kitchen to tell me that Daddy needed me right away on the porch.  I walked out to find that the guard had fallen off the clippers and Eli’s hair was missing a huge chunk out of the back.  Clint looked mortified and Eli was laughing.  I couldn’t help but laugh too…what can you do?  We just shaved it right off and Eli loved being bald for a few weeks! His curls are back in full force…and we love that too!
Emma was so excited to have Clint come and play his banjo in chapel one Tuesday along with some of the other Lower School teachers.  She always gets to see me at school…but it’s a special treat to get to have Daddy on campus!  We went to the Pigs and Peaches BBQ festival for the first time and had a blast supporting our friend Nate Clark.  His BBQ is awesome! I’m from Memphis…I know about these things!
Clint and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary on August 23.  He deserves a lifetime achievement award for putting up with me that long!  God definitely knew exactly what I’d need when he sent Clint into my life on November 18, 2001.  When we said “I Do” on August 23, 2003…I thought that I really loved him.  But…12 years later, I love him more than I ever thought I had the capacity to love anyone else.  Emma, Eli, and I are so incredibly blessed to have Clint as the leader of our family and our protector and provider…and all around fun guy!
We enjoyed lots of meals with friends and some good ole jam sessions in the kitchen in August.  We look forward to a really awesome school year!
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