I’ve lived in the Atlanta area for right at 17 years and have had the privilege of watching Clay Scroggins ministry develop from afar in the variety of roles he has served in at North Point Community Church.  To go from an undergraduate degree at Georgia Tech onto an MDivContinue Reading

“Grace is scandalous.  Sometimes it’s terribly offensive to our sensibilities.” Scott Sauls, befriend .  This quote alone made the cost of this book totally worth every penny.  Gamechanger for sure!  This book is an excellent read even if you choose to just sit down and read it straight through.  It’sContinue Reading

As many of you know, I absolutely LOVE to read!  I love the way that books give us a chance to learn from people that we would otherwise never have the opportunity to learn from.  Most of what I read is nonfiction in the categories of spiritual development, leadership, decision-making,Continue Reading