Emma: 8 months

This has been a huge month for Emma.  She has finally started rolling over like crazy.  She has been rolling over for a while, but now she uses it as a mode of transportation.  She is also scooting to get places.  She is particularly adept at scooting backwards.

Emma still has no teeth, but they are trying hard to come in and she spends a lot of time digging around for them.  Emma is eating all kinds of baby food.  There doesn’t really seem to be anything that she doesn’t like.  She still wakes up happy in the mornings and stays that way all day and is happy to go to sleep at night.  God has truly blessed us with an easy baby.  We do not take that for granted!

This past month has been particularly special because I have had 4 weeks of summer vacation from school and I have been with Emma every day during my time off.  She, Clint, and I have had fun adventures at the beach, the lake, and all kinds of other places.  Emma and I took the last week to head up to Memphis to visit with my family and friends up there before I had to head back to school this week.  We also had a great time celebrating Clint’s first Father’s Day and the Fourth of July with tons of our family and friends.

Here are some pictures from the past month.  It is crazy to think all of these things have happened in just 4 weeks.  You can really see Emma’s little personality coming out.  She is such a ham. She loves to laugh and clap her hands and she is becoming quite the little dancer.

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