Emma First Birthday Party

Emma turned 1 on November 15.  Clint and I had a great time having Emma all to ourself that day.  We decided to wait until both of our families were in town for Thanksgiving to have her party.  For the past several months, we have been talking about the theme of her party and what all we wanted to do.  One of the coolest things I was looking forward to was her cake.  When we settled on butterflies, my sister volunteered to make a little cake for Emma and a huge cake for the rest of the crew.  She also wrangled her husband JD, one of the two favorite uncles, into decorating.  He just started his own web design business if you are looking for some outstanding work…check out his company Click Boom.  His websites are pretty rad…and his birthday cake decorating skills are nothing to laugh at either!  Thanks to Katie and JD…the cakes were beautiful and tasted great too!  It means the world to me that my sister cares so much about my daughter.

Here are some pictures from the momentous occasion.  We are so thankful that our daughter gets to grow up with such a great group of family and friends encouraging her to become all that God created her to be!

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