Strange Family Adventures: January 2021

Happy New Year! January 2021 led us into the New Year more relaxed and rested than we’ve ever been at the start of a year. Due to COVID-19 and how it impacted holiday travel, family gatherings, etc….we spent the majority of our Christmas break at home. And you know what? We discovered that the Strange 4 really enjoys having some downtime all together. What a treat!

We finished up our half bath renovation by finding a super cool mirror…which is funny because the whole project started with hating the mirror that was in there originally!

The start of the New Year provided an opportunity to get outside and enjoy our sweet little downtown area. One of our favorite takeaways from this pandemic season has been spending so much more time than usual outside enjoying the beautiful area where we live.

Emma continued her holiday baking right on into the New Year and had fun making her first round of hot chocolate bombs. As always, we were more than happy to sample her experiments!

Eli played a lot of basketball in January and also a lot of piano. We purchased that piano almost a year ago and both kids play all the time! I had hoped putting it in the foyer would be a great move…and it sure has proven to be!

We spent most of one Saturday helped our dear friends move in right down the street for us. We laughed a lot as we moved in the snow! It was a fun day all around and a great day to celebrate God’s faithfulness at every turn to these sweet friends!

One of the most special parts of January for our family was participating in the annual City of Acworth Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Walk for Unity and the accompanying service at the Acworth Community Center.

The second semester of school started virtually for Middle and Upper School the first three weeks to help mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19 after the holidays. Fortunately Lower School was on campus, so Eli was able to return to his classroom and see all of his friends…he was so glad! Emma and were able to do virtual school from campus and that was definitely a blessing!

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