Book Review: Marketing in the Moment

Marketing in the Moment was a great find in the list of free books available occasionally for Kindle on Amazon.  I really enjoyed reading about utilizing Web 3.0 strategies in order to really reach your customers.  In my job in a private Christian school, we must always balance providing great education from a biblical worldview with maintaining an excellent business plan as well.  If we don’t have tuition paying students, we don’t have a school!  Marketing is very important for us.  Like most non-profit organizations, there aren’t always a ton of dollars available for this.  This book was a great resource for maximizing marketing dollars as well as making me aware of some free strategies that I might not have considered before.

Here are some things that I highlighted as I read:

  • Both consumers and businesses have shifted the way they purchase products and services, but more important, they have shifted the way they research and find these products and services.
  • In uncertain economic times, we cannot ignore trends.
  • Effective marketing does not necessarily mean that it needs to be costly. It does, however, need to produce results and have the ability to be tracked and then tweaked.
  • There are five essential limiting factors of Web 2.0: • Oversaturation • Misconceptions • Time • Modes of Interaction • Openness
  • Targeted traffic is the advantage that strategic marketers are seeking.
  • Facebook is a powerful marketing tool only when you know how to use it to reach out to specific people or groups of people.
  • One trend that never seems to change is that people continue to get busier and have less time for interaction.
  • The key driving factors to Web 3.0 marketing include browsing habits, browsing methods, more intelligent information, the experience we’re looking for, and the openness of the Web. BlackBerrys and iPhones, portals into Web 3.0, are ruling the day. Simplified: Web 3.0 marketing is the convergence of new technologies and rapidly changing consumer buying trends.
  • The Web 3.0 marketing world is where customized, intelligent information is available at our fingertips, on any device, from anywhere in the world!
  • The Five Key Components of Web 3.0 Marketing • Microblogging • Virtual reality worlds • Customization/personalization • Mobile • On-demand collaboration
  • To get Web 3.0 marketing ready, you’ll need a basic tool kit of some technology and talent. Here are the fundamentals that we recommend you start adopting and implementing in your organization: • A system to send voice broadcasts to mobile phones, and one that will also send SMS (text messages). I recommend Trumpia (
  • The Top Five Things You Need to Do to Master and Prepare for the Web 3.0 Wave To recap, here’s what you need to do: • Recognize that times are changing and trends are shifting. • Conduct a 360-degree online-marketing review to solicit feedback. • Take the feedback to heart, and start implementing the changes. • Invest in some new technology. • Capitalize on and grab market share while everyone else is still in denial.
  • “Content is king on the Internet when delivered through the proper channels.”
  • Your blog should be updated once each and every single day. The updates can be long articles with great information, a short sales pitch, a video, an audio, or even a photo.
  • Your blog should be updated once each and every single day. The updates can be long articles with great information, a short sales pitch, a video, an audio, or even a photo.
  • Get into the habit of batching your posts a few times each week and schedule them out to post in advance—a wonderful feature of blogging.
  • Frequency of posting is much more critical than the length of the content.
  • Update your status to position yourself as an engaging thought leader who wants to stimulate conversation and activity;
  • Collaboration is critical for success in today’s marketplace.
  • Without full user adoption implementing new systems will not be of service to you. Understand that in the beginning, adoption may take some time to get everyone fully utilizing the new tools and systems, but in the long run, everyone has got to be on the same page.

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