Spring Break

Originally I was going to head up to Memphis for a few days over Spring Break to hang out with friends and help my mom do a few things around the house. However, since Kevin came back a little sooner than we thought, I spent the last 6 days with my whole family. An unexpected treat for sure, but also a good opportunity to have done all that we would have done this week in Memphis.

So…we came home from Savannah yesterday after eating breakfast with Kevin. He is to report back to Ft. Stewart today for a few weeks of reintegration stuff and then he’ll have a couple of weeks of leave. We came home and got the house straightened up for a big Basketball party to watch the championship game with some friends. Well…I’ll say that the party turned out great and we had a good time with our friends. The game…did not turn out like I hoped. However, I was proud to see what good sports Coach Cal and the Tigers were in congratulating Kansas on their win. The major lesson last night…Free throws win championships!

This morning I slept in a bit and then bummed around the house most of the morning. I have a mid-term this week in my Apologetics class for my master’s at Liberty. I read a great book today. It’s called “Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds” by Phillip Johnson.

defeating darwinism

This book is full of great easy-to-read information for anybody who wants to learn how to defend their faith against evolution. Johnson is a professor at UC Berkeley and is obviously a very educated man.

This was one of those books that I did a ton of highlighting in. Here are a few of the quotes that I marked in my reading:

“The main thing Christian parents and teachers can do is to teach young thinkers to understand the techniques of good thinking and help them tune up their baloney detectors so they aren’t fooled by the stock answers the authorities give to the tough questions.”

“To step off the reservation to question the rules of the larger society is to take a great risk, but perhaps also to find a great opportunity. We will never know how great the opportunity was if we are afraid to take the risk.”

“If the materialist domination of the intellectual world is seriously called into question, it will be possible for the next generation of Christians to enter the universities as participants in the search for truth, not as outsiders who have no chioce but to submit to materialist rules. Instead of retreating from the public world of reason into the protected territory of faith, they will be pressing the questions that need to be pressed.”

“The beginning of the end will come when Darwinists are forced to face this one simple question: ‘What should we do if empirical evidence and materialist philosophy are going in different directions?'”

“No one in our day should find it hard to believe that a cultural tower built on a materialist foundation can look extremely powerful one day and yet collapse in ruins the next.”

“Despite decades of propoganda in the media and indoctrination in the schools, most Americans are skeptical of the philosophy of evolutionary naturalism and materialism. They are also well aware that this philosophy has not led to the era of rationality and social progress that was predicted. Even in the universities, where there is a separate culture war raging between scientific rationalists and postmodernists, there is a growing awareness that the ideas of 1960 are ripe for reconsideration. Western society will soon be ready to listen to a better idea. They question is whether we will have one to offer.”

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