Day at the Lake

I think the day away did me a world of good. I had a blast just listening to God. I read the book of Philippians for my quiet times. God showed me a lot about attitude and humility. It was nice not to be bound by a schedule for around 24 hours. I played my guitar down at the dock for a few hours. The dogs next door seemed to enjoy it (translated…they couldn’t get away because they were fenced in so they had to listen!)

I also finished up the book “How to Have a Mary Heart in a Martha World”. This has been a really good book for me. I would recommend it for anyone. Not only does it talk about balancing worship and work, but I think it says a lot about servant leadership.

I headed back home in time to meet Clint for dinner at Moe’s. When I gave Greg the keys back, I told him that if I could go to the lake once a week, I think I’d be in pretty good shape!

Here are some pictures I took on the trip.

Day at the Lake
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