Today was a cool day

Today was a really cool day.   Did something really amazing happen?  Did I win a prize?  Did I find something I’ve been looking for a long time?  Nope…none of those.  It was actually kind of a regular day, but I am realizing more and more that most of my “regular” days are really quite amazing.  God is teaching me to listen and to reflect a bit more…so here goes.

Got up around 7:30 this morning…not all that early, but still later than normal.

Packed my lunch and got ready for the day.

Headed up to school for a Student Government meeting.  We have a great crew lined up for 0809…I can tell already that we are going to have a blast together!

From 11-12:30 went to a Creative Planning meeting with JR, Todd, and Corey to talk about this Sunday at Freedom Church.  Good times…make plans to be there.  We had a blast today.  I love the creative process and it is always fun to brainstorm with some new folks.

After that went back up to school for the rest of the SG planning.  I spent an hour with them brainstorming for the retreat.  I sat on a stool and wrote things on the whiteboard.  They are a sharp bunch…great ideas, really challenging stuff!

After the meeting, hung out with some staff friends at school catching up on everyone’s summer.

Wandered around Kohl’s for a little bit with Clint.  We looked at some baby clothes…just a bit overwhelming.  Friday we have a dr. appt and hopefully will find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  That will make some of this looking around a little more real and manageable!

We ate dinner at Shane’s Rib Shack.  Clint and I started a new restaurant budget this month.  He is so great with money and I am not.  I don’t spend much, neither of us do, but we are both awful about eating out too much…and he has been tracking it.  When he told me what we’ve spent at restaurants since the beginning of the year…I thought I was going to be sick!  No wonder we are tired of eating out 🙂  However, we did have some free coupons to Shane’s…thus the splurge tonight.  Other than that, we have both been packing our lunches and eating at home a lot more!  I think I could definitely get used to this!  Good news…for the first half of the month, we came in under budget on eating out!  That even includes being out of town for 7 days.  Thanks Mom for cooking most of the time we were in Memphis!  Now…if we could just find someone to cook for us here!

Clint had a late softball game tonight.  We came home after dinner and bummed around the house.  He took off about an hour ago.  I have just been finishing up a few things and working on some stuff for our beach vacation with some good friends next week.

For the past 2 hours, I’ve been sitting out on the deck of our house that I love…the deck and the house.  I’m working on my MacBook Pro sitting next to my iPhone and a glorious bottle of Kroger water.  Thank you Lord for a really amazing “regular” day!

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  1. Reading all that makes me miss you! What good days we used to have together! I cannot wait to hear what little baby will be. We are really hoping to make it to Acworth real soon to see everyone and I WILL see you! Love you!

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