Blueberry Pie Adventure

My sister Katie is in town this week visiting. We have had a really great time so far. I had basketball camp yesterday morning. We ate lunch together and then hit the pool for the afternoon. We cleaned up and headed up to Calhoun to do some outlet shopping for a while. On the way back to Acworth, Katie suggested that we make a pie when we get home. I thought that sounded like a fun sisterly sort of project so I suggested blueberry pie.

I should probably mention that Clint and I rarely eat at home, much less bake. Therefore, I didn’t have any of the ingredients we needed…no really, I didn’t even have flour!! We went up to Kroger and $27 later headed back home with the ingredients just in time to start this adventure at 10pm.

Apparently you have to make the dough and then put it in the fridge to cool for an hour. Then you make the filling. After that, something else has to cool for a while. Then you put it all together and bake it. Check out the pictures below to see what came out of the oven at 1:30AM this morning. Oh yeah…we were too tired to eat it, so we’ll have it after dinner tonight!!

Blueberry Pie Adventure


  1. not to shabby mstrange! Im loving the stars! Im pretty surprised you didn’t have flour…
    P.S. They do have mangos here in Cleveland which made me really excited because one of my alltime favorite things is peach mango crumble! Yum! And I found a fabulous recipe with a macadamia nut crust! You better believe that is what the Pfahls are eating on July 1!
    P.P.S The P.S. is longer than the message… is that allowed??

  2. wow. i’m so impressed. i couldn’t bake a pie even with all the necessary ingredients and a full night’s rest. i mean, talk about overcoming the odds!

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