Emma: 7 Months

Last Monday, June 15, Emma turned 7 months old.  As each month rolls by, it is hard to believe how fast our little girl is growing up!  She has been sitting up for a couple of months now, but she is to the point where she wants to sit up all the time and do her own thing.  She is perfectly content to sit up and play with her toys in her room.  She can also roll over, although we have not actually seen her do it.  We have seen her after she rolled over, but she is very quick and we keep missing it!  She also has some teeth that are trying to break through.  We took Emma to the pool for this first time after doing a run through in the tub.

Now that school is out, we have had a chance for Emma to go to one of Daddy’s softball games and she is having a great time having both Mommy and Daddy around more.  Emma is definitely a summer girl!

Emma and I had a blast the first weekend in June hanging out with my mom and sister in Birmingham.  Emma loves Mimi and Aunt Katie and they love her!  We just got back from a week at the beach with some great friends and are headed to meet my family at the lake next weekend.  The summer is going by fast, but Emma is a great little traveler and we are taking tons of pictures!

Here are some pictures taken between Emma’s 6 and 7 month celebrations.

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