Freedom Church: Freedom 2.0 wk 5

It is crazy to think that today was our last day at Barber Middle School in Acworth.  Freedom Church is moving to our “new temporary location” at North Cobb High School starting March 7.  We have seen God do amazing things in and through our church family in these past 14 months that we have been meeting at Barber.  We also realize that God has called us to bigger things as this revolution continues to move through our community.  North Cobb High School will allow us to have a larger auditorium and more space for FreedomKidz which ultimately allows us to reach more people that are far from God so that they can experience life in Christ.

This was also the last week of our Freedom 2.0 series exploring the core values of Freedom Church. Pastor JR spoke this morning about Honor.  He referenced Romans 12:10 and Matthew 13:57-58.  Below I have posted my notes from his message.

  • Honor was the currency of generations past.
  • How you perceive someone is how you receive them.  What you see is what you get.
  • Honor is only possible if we begin to see as God sees.
  • The gospel allows honor to replace shame.
Come join us for the start of our next series “I Want a New Marriage” at North Cobb High School beginning Sunday, March 7 at 9:45 and 11:15.

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