Emma and Eli: 2016

Our family loves summer!  We love to be outside.  We love to swim.  We love to travel. We love to be together.  All of those things happened a lot in June.  I don’t think that we could have squeezed in even one more second of fun!  We officially closed on our house in June and are all settled in our rental home as we seek the Lord’s guidance on whether we should build or buy an existing home here in Acworth.  Eli got his first black eye…he was so proud!  Clint and Emma went to see Ninja Turtles.  We all made several trips to Whitewater.  Eli got a fresh new haircut…slick and Emma and Mommy got pedicures.  Then…
We went to the Dominican Republic!  All of us got one more stamp on our passports and we had an amazing trip!  We stayed at the Grand Bahai Principe and would highly recommend it.  We booked through Southwest Vacations and everything was smooth and exactly as advertised.  We made some really fun memories during our week on the island.  We got up early every day, enjoyed amazing food, played at the kid’s waterpark, mini-golfed, hung out at the beach, swam in all of the pools, cheered Clint on as he got certified in SCUBA, read several books, napped when we wanted to, stayed up late some nights, and just had a lot of fun.  It was exactly what our family needed to rest and reconnect.  It was a great vacation because we enjoyed every minute of it…and then were happy to be home!
We were home in time for Father’s Day and we had a great time celebrating Clint.  He is the best dad and serves and loves our family so well!  After church he wanted to go to Canyon Burger in Woodstock and then we went to the outlets to help him pick out some new shoes.  We are a wild and crazy bunch!  Then…he took the kids to see Finding Dory and gave me the afternoon to myself.  What a treat!  We had friends spend the night, we celebrated Jack’s birthday party, we went to Whitewater, and celebrated Emma Kate’s birthday with family, and then…
We went to Seagrove!  My incredibly generous sister and her family invited us to spend a week with them at a beach house they rented in Seagrove and we had a great time!  JD and Katie have three sweet kids and we love getting to spend time with all five of them!  The distance between Memphis and Atlanta seems even farther when we are watching our kids grow up in pictures!  All of the kids had so much fun playing, swimming, eating, running around, and just making lots of noise like kids should.  I think we were all exhausted once it was all said and done…but we had a great time!  One of the last days that we were there, my mom treated all of the adults to a Deep Sea Fishing Trip and it was so much fun!  We caught lots of fish and laughed a lot!  We celebrated the Fourth by going to the 30A parade that ended in Seaside.  I had always heard that was a lot of fun and we loved it!
Grateful for every moment.  One of my closest friends suddenly lost her dad the other day and it reminded me of how much I have to be grateful for.  The Lord has blessed us with the gift of our family and precious friends that are like family.  June was a gift for sure!
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