Emma and Eli: May 2017

May at the Strange House is a total crazy train!  It is one of the busiest months of the year with all of the school stuff wrapping up…and then it all comes screeching to a stop for summer break!  We love summer!
May started with a fun quick trip to Memphis to visit my sister and her family and to celebrate the retirement of a dear mentor, my high school principal Mr. Simpson.  We had the best time with the Graffams.  The weather was beautiful and the 2 Strange kids and 3 Graffam kids played outside for hours and hours!  The Strange kids even braved the way too cool pool for a few jumps off the diving board.  We visited some of our favorite places to eat…Memphis Pizza Cafe, Molly’s La Casita, and Gibson’s donuts, hung out at Cameron Brown Park, and visited a cool garden center and let all the kids play with their fountains.  As always, the trip was way too short!
We took Monday off school to drive back to Georgia and then we were back to crazy busy after a super fun weekend in Germantown.  Mr. Simpson has been a HUGE blessing to me ever since my freshman year of high school and we were so excited to surprise him as he retires as the Headmaster of a Christian school in Memphis.  If I have even a tenth of the impact on a student that Mr. Simpson has had on my life these past 25 years, I will have accomplished something really special!
We had several awards celebrations at school and enjoyed lots of fun at field day.  We also had a tennis camp at school that Emma participated in and she loved it!  Mother’s Day weekend was lots of fun as we celebrated with Clint’s mom on Saturday and then Clint and the kids made Mother’s Day Sunday a special day for me!
Near our house is a huge new park that Acworth just opened up called Logan Farm Park.  We find ourselves heading that way at least every few days for a little while in the evening.  It is a really nice park and just a few minutes away!  Emma and Eli had their spring musical at school and it was lots of fun!  Emma also participated in the Eagles Cheer Camp for the elementary kids.  Our girl loves to have lots going on!
One fun tradition we have slipped into around here is on Saturday mornings.  Clint and Eli get up and go get breakfast and head to the batting cages for a little while.  Emma and I get up and walk up to the Starbucks near our house to enjoy a special treat and just have time to talk.  We treasure these times with our little ones who are getting too big too fast!
Clint and I headed over to Auburn with our friends Ben and Cassie on May 20 to celebrate the wedding of Avian and Andrew who both graduated from NCCS in 2013.  We love this couple and can’t wait to see what God has in store for them!  It was fun to get dressed up and just have some time away as adults!  That Sunday was Emma’s end of the year piano recital and she did a great job with her music!
Emma and Eli love playing together and Eli loves having Emma read to him.  Emma had a reward in her classroom for good behavior that she can spend on a variety of things. She chose to use her last one of the year to read to Eli’s class.  Eli was so pleased to have his big sister there and Emma was so proud too!
The last week of school was busy, but Clint surprised the kids and took them to Chuck E Cheese one night and they loved it!  Chuck E Cheese and Stevie B’s are two places the kids love going when it’s just them and Daddy!  We wrapped up an awesome year in K3 (Eli) and 2nd Grade (Emma) on Thursday, May 24.  Clint got off a little early that Friday and took Emma to ride gokarts and play mini-golf at Mountasia for the afternoon.   That evening was graduation.  Emma and Eli were so excited to stay home and hang out with Granna!  Clint and I really enjoyed celebrating the NCCS Class of 2017..this was a special group!  That weekend we hung out and just enjoyed each other’s company after such a crazy month.  We forsee lots of patio dinners in our future the next few months…good food and long conversations…our favorite part of summer!
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