The Gospel: Day One

Today I am beginning a 30 day journey to read through the Gospels with the rest of the crew over at Cedarcrest Church.  We are doing this in conjunction with our Crazy Love series that challenges us to truly live out the Gospel as we love others.

I am reading through the Gospels by utilizing this reading plan over at

Today’s Reading: Matthew 1, Luke 1, John 1 (New American Standard Bible)


  • It takes a few minutes to read through all the genealogy.  However, it is really cool to see how Christianity has a distinct lineage that can be historically proven.
  • I wonder if we would have reacted the same way as Joseph?
  • Luke challenges the reader to investigate everything carefully.
  • He also charges us to seek the truth.
  • God delights in bringing us joy.
  • God’s glory will leave us speechless.
  • God is eternal, there is nothing before Him and nothing after Him.
  • Jesus invites us to “Come and See” and to “Follow Me”.  Am I living a lifestyle that would cause others to want to come and follow me to find Him?

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