Emma is at an interesting time in life.  She is definitely moving from the baby stage into the big girl stage.  She thinks she is a teenager, but is frustrated to be trapped in a two year old’s body.  She wants to do so many grown up things, but also enjoys the comforts of toddlerhood.  Over the Christmas break, we decided it would be time to end her use of pacifiers.  Yesterday afternoon, I was laying down with Emma and she and I were chatting before naptime.  She asked me if she could have a “paci”.  I told her no because she is a big girl and she doesn’t need one.  She quickly agreed that she was a big girl.  She thought about if for a minute and then excitedly asked if she could instead have a “Cifier”.  I guess she thinks that is a more grown up version of a pacifier.  Have to give her some credit for trying!  It’s hard to grow up!

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