What’s In Your Digital Toolbox?

Here are the notes from the What’s In Your Digital Toolbox? presentation that I gave along with Tifini Lozano at The Vancouver Symposium on Christian Education for the 21st Century.

Creating: iMovie, podcasting, PowerPoint, SmileBox, Instagram, Garage Band

Smilebox Video

Evaluating: RSS Feed, Skype, Edmodo, Zite, TweetDeck, Goodreads

Edmodo video

Analyzing: Evernote, iBrainstorm, Scribd, Poll Everywhere, Survey Monkey, MindMash

Evernote video

Applying: UStream, Prezi, Google Docs, Words with Friends, Doceri, Qik

Doceri video

Understanding: Twitter, YouTube, iTunes, Google Earth, Tumblr, TED Ed Talks

TED Ed video

Quizlet video

Moodle video

Remembering: Quizlet, Moodle, Wordle, Dropbox, Pinterest, McGraw Hill e-flashcards

Khan Academy

NBC Learn


Other Resources discussed by the group present in Vancouver

Visual Thesaurus




Google Hangouts

Splash Top

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