students looking to serve// honduras mission cancelled

I just sent out this email to a group of folks.  In case you didn’t receive it and might know of a mission project, I am also posting it here.  Spread the word.  We know God has a plan for this crew!

Hey Guys

I know some of you, but regardless of whether I do or I don’t, I am reaching out because you all know a lot of people in ministry.  I read your blogs and listen to your messages and know that your heart’s desire is for people to know Christ and to make Him known.

Some good friends of mine are youth ministers in Germantown, TN at Grace Evan Church.  They have a group of 19 high school students and leaders that were supposed to leave Friday, July 3 to head to Honduras on a mission trip.  With everything going on in that country right now, they have had to abandon their plans after much prayer and many broken hearts for the people they were looking forward to ministering to.

The elders of their church have said that they can use the funds and travel somewhere domestically.  They are willing to drive a long way from Memphis and have the funds to do their own meals and supplies.  They just need a place to bed down…gym floor would be awesome…but they want to work.  They have a professional contractor with them and they are willing to do any sort of construction or clean up project.  They have been training as a team for several months and don’t want to let these kids down who are so dedicated to serving others.

I have coordinated many mission trips for students and know that they take months to plan.  To come up with something in just a few days…well…that would be only something God could orchestrate.  So…I wonder if any of you know of any God-sized project this group might partner with starting on Friday?

Please feel free to pass this along.  I know it is a task of big proportions..but we serve a mighty big God.

Even if you don’t know of a project, please join me in praying that God would swing a door wide open for this group.

Thanks and thank you for all that you do for the Kingdom!

assistant principal // dean of student life
north cobb christian school
kennesaw, ga
404.431.3826 // @meganstrange

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