Emma and Eli: November 2018

What is up with all the cold weather? We were not prepared for this! It’s the end of November and it’s been cold pretty much all month. Please come back warm temperatures! We had so much fun cheering on Emma’s soccer team in her end of the season tournament. They ended up as the u10 champs for this season. It was super fun to watch Emma fall in love with being a goalkeeper as learn how to be a good teammate. Eli’s season wrapped up a bit earlier, but not before he scored 6 goals in one game! That kid has quite a boot. He really enjoyed making some new friends as well. We will definitely be playing soccer again! We’ve also started basketball practices for both kids, so it’s fun to meet new teammates!
Since we enjoyed soccer so much, we surprised the kids and bought tickets to an Atlanta United playoff game. Cheering on the United with 60,000 other people is quite the experience! We will definitely do that again sometime!
One of our favorite family birthdays happens in November. Emma turned 10! How did that happen? We sure do love our precious girl! She is smart, strong, kind, helpful, and loves Jesus and others! We took her out for dinner at The Diner where she ordered her current favorite meal…a baked potato. Easy to please!! For a gift, we handed her and Eli a bag with puzzle pieces in it. When they put the puzzle together it said, Pack your suitcase, tomorrow we fly to Germany. Happy Birthday Emma! Happy Birthday Eli! Happy Thanksgiving! The look on their faces was priceless!
Friday morning, we had Eli’s Thanksgiving Play and Emma’s Psalm Reading…both precious traditions at our school. Then we headed to the airport for the overnight flight to Germany and the fun was officially underway. We had THE BEST time with Kevin, Marina, and Amelia for a full week in Germany.
My brother is stationed in Germany (Stuttgart) with the ARMY. They have been there for four years and we are so glad we got to visit! They are wonderful tour guides. We feel like we walked and hiked all of southern Germany and even spent a day in Strasbourg, France. We ate well, we slept well, and we had so much fun spending time with my brother and his family. This was truly one of my favorite Thanksgiving seasons with so much to be grateful for! What a treat it is for Clint and I to be able to give Emma and Eli these experiences by traveling together as a family.  I’ll write more separately just about our AMAZING trip!
We came home the Saturday before school started back on Monday. Overall things were super smooth. The one hiccup was jet lag. Our kids got up between 3-4am for the first few days. Super hilarious…especially when they were falling asleep at dinner time! It’s just about completely worked out now though. Ready for our next big adventure!

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