Emma 21 months

Emma is growing up too fast!  Just this afternoon she and I had a conversation that required her to do some reasoning.  She had been coloring and drinking milk in her highchair.  She wanted to get down and keep the crayons.  I told her that she would have to choose if she wanted to get down or if she would rather stay in the highchair and keep coloring.  At first she handed me the crayons as if to indicate that she wanted to get down.  I thought we had achieved a major victory!  Then, when I started to get her down, she decided she wanted to stay in the chair.  However, she didn’t want to color.  That left me confused…I think Emma won that round!

Emma is talking all the time and it is nice to be able to have short meaningful conversations with her. I thought we really had a spiritual breakthrough the other night.  I was pretty excited about that since she isn’t two years old.  I figured she might be the most Christlike toddler or something.  Emma loves to bring books to Clint and I and she will hand it to you and say “book”.  This time she brought me her children’s Bible and said “Bible”.  I was pretty fired up that she already knew the difference and was ready to send her into strict training for the next round of Awana Olympics.  While I was putting together my plan for her scripture memorization and theological preschool education, she walked up to me with “Elmo rides the Bus” and proclaimed…”Bible”.  I think we still have a little work to do on this!

In the past month our family bought a boat.  It is a pontoon boat that is great for our curious little passenger.  Emma seems to love being out on the boat, swimming in the lake, and entertaining all the friends and family that have joined us out on the lake so far.

We also joined a new church this month, Cedarcrest Church in Acworth.  Emma really loves her new teachers and the kids in her class.  There are a lot of NCCS families at Cedarcrest and it is cool to know that some of Emma’s church buddies will also be her school buddies.

This summer has been a blast for our family.  We are enjoying watching Emma try a lot of new things.  She is quick to pick things up and also quick to celebrate when something works like she wants.  It is such a blessing to see our little girl so happy and healthy.  We are very grateful that God has blessed us with our sweet Emma!

Here are some pictures of the last month…

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