Free Money for eating out


Who would like some free money for eating out?  I know we sure would!  The Stranges love to stretch our money as far as we can.  This is the time of year when restaurants are really pushing their giftcards.  Many restaurants include some type of incentive to get you to purchase these cards (i.e. $5 extra, free appetizer, additional 20% added to the value of your card, etc.)

We were eating out on Sunday evening and Clint saw a giftcard advertisement at Huey Luey’s that showed that you would receive a $25 giftcard for $20…basically $5 free.  We took a quick look at what we ordered and realized it would be just at $20.  Clint purchased a $25 giftcard for $20.  That allowed us to pay for our $20 meal and give a 25% tip to our waitress for $20…great deal!  The giftcard basically functioned as a $5 off coupon with the added value.  As you eat out this holiday season, check to see if the restaurant you are eating at offers any financial incentives to purchase a giftcard.  If they do, purchase a giftcard to pay for your meal and stretch your dollars even further.  Below I have pasted a few ads that I found with just a few minutes on the internet.

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