Emma: July 2012

This summer has been such a blast with Emma!  Clint and I returned from our 4 day getaway to Chicago on July 1.  Emma had a great time at Katie’s house and was very surprised to wake up from her afternoon nap to see us standing there!  We had a great time away, but it sure was great to see how happy she was to see us!

We spent the whole first week of July at Katie and JD’s house and had a great time.  They are the best hosts and we always love being with them.  We had lots of great meals and took several naps!  The 3rd of July was fun as we got to hang out with lots of Katie and JD’s friends from church at their annual July 3rd party.  We spent the 4th with our family, my aunt and uncle, and Katie’s neighbors.  Definitely a lot of fun! We continued our family tradition of heading to Pickwick for July 5th and enjoyed the pool every other day.

We returned to Georgia on July 7th and I returned to work on Monday, July 9th.  Emma also returned to Camp Eagle to catch up with her friends after three weeks off.  The first weekend after we got back, Clint headed to California for a good friend’s wedding.  Emma and I headed to the Atlanta Zoo with our good friends Dana and Amanda.  After a fun morning at the zoo, we celebrated Dana’s May birthday at Tin Lizzy’s in Grant Park.

Emma and I went to church on Sunday morning while Clint was out of town.  Our church is in the midst of a building campaign called Imagine.  We have talked a lot about this at home and are so excited to be a part of this next step for Cedarcrest Church.  The money that the children’s ministry gives through their offering is being used to build a playground.  Emma was so focused on this that she took a nap on a Saturday afternoon with her offering in her hand so she wouldn’t forget it the next day.  As we were walking into church (meeting at Allatoona HS), we were talking about the new building and how exciting that would be.  She looked at me with all seriousness and said, “Why don’t we just move this church?”  Emma has never attended a traditional church on a regular basis and must think that all churches meet in school.  I decided not to try and untangle her thinking.  I decided it was pretty cool that her thoughts on where churches could meet is pretty wide open!

Our family has really enjoyed watching the Olympics these past several days.  My brother Kevin came in town the last weekend in July to spend some time with us before he deploys to Afghanistan.  Emma always loves having Uncle Kevin here.  We spent all day on the lake with Kevin and our friends the Carr’s.  Kevin wanted to go to Henry’s for his last Acworth dinner for a while…we happily obliged!  After Kevin left on Sunday evening, the Carr’s and Scheck’s came over for dinner and a fun evening of catching up and watching the Olympics.

Clint’s 40th Birthday was July 31.  Emma and I had a great time making a scrapbook for Clint that included great memories from family, friends, classmates, teachers, coaches, etc.  What an awesome tribute to an amazing husband, father, and friend!  We took Clint out to Fusco’s for his birthday and had a great time together.

We have squeezed just about every bit of fun possible out of this summer.  Our sweet Emma starts school this Friday, August 10th and she is so excited!  She can’t wait.  She has loved being a part of Camp Eagle at NCCS and has made a lot of sweet friends.  God has continued to bless us with our precious daughter!

Here are some pics from our July together…

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