The Gospel: Day Three

Today’s Reading: Matthew 3, Luke 3, John 3 (New American Standard Bible)


  • What am I doing on a daily basis to “Prepare the Way of the Lord”?
  • Is my lifestyle paving the way for the Holy Spirit to use me to influence others?
  • Can you imagine what it must have been like to baptize Jesus?
  • The wheat will be separated from the chaff.  Do I have accountability in my life to warn me when I am becoming more like the chaff?
  • I think Er is an awesome name.
  • Thank you Nicodemus for being honest enough to express confusion over how simple it really is to be born again!  Seems like it should be harder…but that’s just it, God made it hard on his part, easy on ours.
  • He must increase, I must decrease.  Everyday…always…forever.

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