This has been a great month for Little Miss Emma.  She is having a great time pulling up on everything and trying to figure things out.  She also seems to really enjoy those two teeth that she has.  She has started eating some new foods.  Emma has tried crackers, spaghetti,Continue Reading

This has been a really big month for Emma.  She has started doing so many cool things and she is such a blast to hang out with!  The day after Emma turned 9 months old, she decided it was time to start crawling and hasn’t stopped since!  She crawls reallyContinue Reading

It is hard to believe that Emma is 9 months old today!  I think that has been our sentiment as each month has passed by, but it truly is amazing to see all of the cool things Emma is up to these days.  This has been a big month.  SheContinue Reading

This has been a huge month for Emma.  She has finally started rolling over like crazy.  She has been rolling over for a while, but now she uses it as a mode of transportation.  She is also scooting to get places.  She is particularly adept at scooting backwards. Emma stillContinue Reading

This is a little bit early because Emma won’t be 4 months old until Sunday, but some of you have been asking for some new pictures…so here they are.  This warm weather has been a blast.  Emma loves being outside!!Continue Reading