2018 Books in Review

I love to read.  I love to read more than I like to sleep.  I love to read more than I like to eat.  In 2018, I had the privilege of reading 51 books and writing reviews for them that I’ve posted at the end of this blog.  I realize that reading is a HUGE privilege and it’s not anything that I take for granted.   My mom is to thank for instilling a love of reading in all three of her kids from a very early age.  I’ve written on this blog a number of times how I feel about reading and the way that reading shapes the influence that you have.  I’ve heard it said that you can tell a lot about a person by the people that they hang out with and the books that they read.  Words matter.

Here are some links to the books I’ve intentionally documented the last several years…

Books from 2010 41 books
Books from 2011 63 books
Books from 2012 78 books
Books from 2013 43 books
Books from 2014 32 books
Books from 2015 41 books
Books from 2016 54 books
Books from 2017 40 books

The reading that has impacted me the most this year…BY FAR…is the Bible.  I was so glad to find the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan when I was deciding how to study the Bible in 2018.  I had the privilege of sharing with our Upper School students at school about this choice back in January.  One of the main parts of this process was purchasing a new Bible in order to get a fresh look at God’s word.  Sometimes I tend to skim things that were already highlighted or already had notes in it simply because my eyes thought that I already knew those things.  What a difference it made to bring a new highlighter and pen to fresh pages.  This year the Lord granted me the grace to read familiar passages with new perspective and to learn so many new things about God through Scripture .  I’m so grateful for this Bible reading journey and can’t wait to begin a new one tomorrow for 2019…more about that later. Here is some info about my Bible reading plan from this past year.

  • 5 Good Reasons to Use the Robert M. M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan (Gospel Coalition)
  • HERE is the actual plan.  I printed a copy and kept it inside my Bible.  That kept me from having to automatically go to my phone to look up that day’s reading.  I love the electronic access our generation has to the Bible, but nothing will ever beat turning the pages and discovering the treasures of God’s word!

One of the most exciting developments in recent weeks about reading is the fact that our son Eli (6) has completely fallen in love with reading.  That’s my boy!  I love the look on his face when he is getting into a story…reading to us…or finishing up a great book.  Reading introduces you to people that you might otherwise never meet, takes you to places you might not have the privilege of traveling to, and engages your heart and mind in a way that few other things can.

See below for a list of books that I read in 2018.  All but 2 of them include a link to the review that I wrote after reading.

Favorite books of 2018:
Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
In His Image by Jen Wilkin
Everybody Always by Bob Goff
How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims
Didn’t See it Coming by Carey Nieuwhof
The Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey



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Total: 51 Books for 2018

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